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Comments from M/V Sea Fever Guests

Island Dreams' Dolphin Cruise *** June 30-July 6, 2001

With owner Ken Knezick as trip leader, Island Dreams recently did a full boat charter aboard the M/V Sea Fever. Boarding in Miami, we sailed to the Little Bahama Bank located west and north of Grand Bahama Island. Once on site, in addition to some great scuba diving, we enjoyed multiple close encouters with the resident populations of wild bottle-nosed and spotted dolphins. Following is a sampling of comments from the guests aboard this trip. The exclamation points are theirs!

"Absolutely fantastic! The wild spotted dolphins spent almost an hour frolicking in the water with us. They left a couple of times, but the boat brought them back again and again, so that we were able to enjoy the full show. Thanks for a great time!" Rose Layton, Downers Grove, IL

"Beautiful, magical, graceful... not enough words to describe this once-in-a-lifetime experience! The dolphins are amazing!! Thanks for a fabulous time!" Felicia Grabowski, Phoenix, AZ

"It was such a great opportunity to encounter the dolphins in their world. It's truly an amazing experience to have the dolphins choose to play with you. The juvenile dolphins liked to play the most and were the hardest to keep up with. Thanks for a wonderful trip!!!" Cyndi Foster, Houston, TX

"We had a 3 feet baby spotted dolphin squealing and clicking while he buzzed around us for 20 minutes. He reminded me of a wound up toy that wouldn't stop moving. DOLPHIN, SPOTTED EAGLE RAYS, HAMMERHEAD SHARK... .OH MY! Thanks for the magical experience." Diane Hotz, San Diego, CA

"Just being in the water, near such magnificent sea creatures as the spotted dolphins was a great privilege. A baby dolphin using the Sea Fever as a playmate was incredible to watch. What a crew! What a dive adventure!" Alana Silcox, Seabrook, TX

"The week we spent on the Sea Fever was one of the absolutely best diving experiences we've ever enjoyed. The crew took terrific care of us, pampering our every need and feeding us far too well and too much and too often! The captain searched for dolphins for us to play with. What a fabulous treat it was to swim with these amazing creatures. They leaped, twirled, spun, somersaulted, and swam around us, begging us to come and play with them. If only we could have held our breaths and swum to their depths or kept up to them. It was an awesome experience to swim with them and have them keep coming back to play some more. In between dolphin encounters, the diving was excellent. We saw turtles, rays, eels, sharks, and more fish than we knew the names of. It was like swimming in an aquarium. The dive crew was very helpful and professional. They made sure we were always safe and helped us in many ways whenever we needed it. All in all, it was a wonderful week that ended far too soon." Lynne and Barry Wright, Dominican Republic

"Wow, six days on the Sea Fever was quite and experience both above and below the water. The crew took us to some great dive sites. Some had huge schools of fish, others large sponges and a good variety of fish types. It was good to see that lots of large groupers still exist in the ocean. A rare treat was the pair of spotted eagle rays cruising below us - wow!!! Above the water the crew kept us comfortable and very well fed. Head Chef Red, spoiled us with made to order breakfasts such as omelets, eggs any style and fluffy waffles. There were lots of snacks of fruit, chocolates and other hot goodies Red would whip up. Dinners were also superb. From roast beef and pork to fresh fish. Desserts were good too, but Red's peanut butter pie was really the best. When we weren't eating, sleeping or diving we were searching for dolphins. Finally they came. What an experience!! They are so beautiful, gracefully and fast in the water. One day we spent about 50 minutes in the water with these beautiful animals swimming about us. This is what we came for. This is what we are still longing for. You can see good dive sites any time but diving with wild dolphins is a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Ken for putting this trip together, and thank you Sea Fever for a great trip." Jackie and Dick Maciel, Franklin, MA

Of course, a dolphin cruise may not be for everyone. But as you can see, these folks apparently got what they came for. We'll finish out these comments with a lovely impromptu poem composed by guest Vanessa Barton:

Special thanks to all of these fine folks for sharing their thoughts, and for being such great travelers, accomplished divers, and ardent dolphin seekers. We hope their heartfelt impressions may perhaps encourage you to experience a Bahama Dolphin Cruise for yourself.


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