M/V Orion in the Maldives

M/V Orion - Sailing the Maldives Archipelago

Introducing M/V Orion -- The 112-foot M/V Orion is a new luxury live-aboard dive vessel in the Maldives. There are 11 guest cabins, each with double/twin beds, a mini-bar, Plasma TV, and an electronic combination safe. All cabins have a beautifully tiled bathroom with suite toilet and shower facilities. Four of the cabins enjoying the added luxury of bathtubs. At the fore of the Upper Deck is a magnificent Executive Suite, which comes with its own private open air Jacuzzi and lounge area.

M/V Orion sailing the Maldives

The Maldives -- With 26 atolls consisting of outer and inner reefs, the Maldives provides great diversity of diving and marine life. Amazing channel dives draw animals from the deep. Mountainous pinnacles (thila) rise from 35m and taper to 8m, which make them ideal for those slower, more relaxing dives. The average water temperature is 27C (80F) and current can be strong at about 1.5 knots, which is ideal for shark and manta ray encounters. Fasten your seatbelts and glide into the blue for the most awe-inspiring experience of your life. Cruising on MV Orion is the ideal way to discover the magic that surrounds The Maldives.

Maldives Seasonality -- Due to their location in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives enjoy a seasonality quite different from Pacific destinations such as Fiji, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Most of the islands are just north of the Equator, and there is little topside temperature change over the course of the year. The water temperature is warmest February through March, and cooler June through September. It is the twice-annual monsoon (windy) period that has the greatest effect upon diving conditions. June and July are to be avoided as the worst of the rainy season. As a general rule, the best time for diving runs from late January through early May and again August through early November. However, these "rules" are open to plenty of exceptions.