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Live-aboard opportunities are finally opening up in the Maldives, with at least two companies now offering dive trips specifically designed for Americans. This means that they will provide four dives per day, rather than the standard two dives per day offered to European dive travelers. Island Dreams is pleased to be working in association with Giorgio Rosi, an Italian who pioneered dive tours to the Maldives with his company "Maldives Seafaris." His vessel, the comfortable and spacious M/S Madivaru 7, has air-conditioned cabins and is set up to offer four dives per day. The other prominent boat in the region, the Manthiri, is operated by a Maldivian company. Manthiri is also air-conditioned and promises to provide four daily dives.

As for seasonality, the boats operate from January through early May, and late July through October. The first season may be preferable for a shot at the best weather conditions....but if it rains, don't take it out on me! There are also a number of land-based operations in the Maldives that cater to divers. The benefit of the live-aboards is that you can cover more territory and visit a greater variety of dive sites. The trips run from 7-14 days. Island Dreams' trips, based on a 10-11 day live-aboard itinerary, are designed to bring you the very best of the exotic Maldives.

Maldive Islands Aboard the M/V Madivaru 7

Suggested Itinerary - $4595 Including Airfare from LAX

M/S Koi Mala

(This photo depicts the Koi Mala, a (smaller) sister ship to the new M/V Madivaru 7)

Wednesday - Island Dreams will assist in arranging evening flights from around the U.S. to Los Angeles. Check in at the Malaysia Airlines counter at the LAX International Terminal no later than 10 p.m. From LAX, you will check your bags all the way through to Male, Maldives.

Thursday - Fly from LAX to Singapore. The flight departs LAX at 12:30 a.m., crossing the International Dateline. Enjoy superb service on Singapore Airlines.

Friday - Arrive Singapore early afternoon. After a shower and an nap in an airport hotel day room, or if you prefer, a brief tour of downtown Singapore, re-board Singapore and travel direct from Singapore to Male. Arrive late evening and transfer directly to the Nasandura hotel for your overnight. The next morning you will be transferred directly to the dive boat.

Saturday through Tuesday - Revel in a ten night cruise aboard the air-conditioned M/V Madivaru 7, enabling you to experience the very best diving that the Maldives has to offer. Designed to cater to the discriminating American dive traveler, they will provide at least four boat dives per day.

Tuesday - Return to port in Male. Overnight at a Male Hotel.

Wednesday - Day open for touring. Evening departure on Singapore Airlines or Air Maldives. Arrive Singapore early a.m. and make a direct connection for the flight to Los Angeles. Arrive LAX 10:10 a.m., with plenty of time to make flight connections to cities around the U.S.

With the assistance of Singapore Airlines, Seafari Adventures, and the M/V Madivaru 7, we've created the perfect Maldives itinerary. Island Dreams offers both group and individual tours to the Maldives. For our Pacific travel, a $300 deposit guarantees your place in the fun, with final payment due 60 days prior to your departure. For a color brochure, airfares, complete itineraries, and confirmed reservations please contact your Adventure Experts at Island Dreams Travel.

Start planning YOUR ultimate Maldives Island Dreams today!

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