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Who Needs Travel Insurance?

When you book your special vacation, thoughts of floods, hurricanes, airline strikes and unforeseen illness may never enter your mind. You envision a holiday filled with breath taking scuba dives, great meals, time alone with that special someone, or maybe just relaxing on the beach and putting the "real world" behind you for a few days.

Most of the time, that is exactly how your Island Dreams' vacation will work out. But occasionally, a reality of a different kind can interrupt those dreams of the perfect vacation: a hurricane can hit your vacation island; the airlines may announce they are on strike and will not fly when you are scheduled to travel; or you may learn a family member has become ill and you are needed at home during your long-anticipated getaway.

Hurricane Emily July 2005 - Photo courtesy of NOAA

Many of our clients plan their holiday's months in advance. It can be extremely upsetting when unfortunate, and unforeseen, instances arise. In fact it can happen that, while your vacation is paid in full, you must cancel at the last minute, and the airlines and resorts may not be willing to refund your money.

We at Island Dreams are certainly sympathetic to your situation. We routinely work hard and long to obtain refunds on behalf of our clients. But there are limits as to what can be done when the airline or hotel's final answer is "sorry, but no refund". That is why we recommend TravelSafe Travel Insurance to our valued clients. In the final analysis, insurance protection is a small price to pay for peace of mind, and is potentially a godsend when a problem occurs.

Following are some of the instances in which travel insurance coverage may be able to help you (please view the insurance prospectus for complete details):

In the past we've had all kinds of instances in which a customer has chosen not to purchase insurance because they fully intended to travel. Insurance is for those unforeseen circumstances that impact your travel plans. Below are some of the things that have actually occurred. In some instances insurance was purchased and the customer was successful in getting compensation, in others the customer had no insurance and was at the mercy of the events.

Of course, even the best insurance can not protect against all eventualities. Following are some of the potential exceptions to travel insurance coverage:

Premiums are Non-Refundable - Like any insurance policy, you are paying to insure against disasters and unforeseen events. Such premiums are non-refundable, whether the insurance is used or unused.

Disclaimer: The information above is provided for your general consideration only. Island Dreams is a seller of travel. We are not insurance agents, nor experts in the subject of insurance. We simply make travel insurance available to our clients. We encourage you to investigate the coverage fully and ask questions of the insurance provider to know exactly what your coverage does and does not entail. All questions regarding coverage should be directed to the insurance company directly, and not to Island Dreams Travel.

Learn more here and obtain a: Travel Insurance Application