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Experience Indonesia's Finest Scuba Diving

Misool Eco Resort
Wakatobi Dive Resort
Papua Paradise Eco Resort
Raja4Divers * Siladen Dive Resort
Alam Shanti * Alam Jiwa * Alam Indah
Lembeh Resort * Gangga Island Resort & Spa
Wide variety of Indonesia's finest liveaboard dive boats
Sulawesi * Manado * Bali * Tukang Besi * Raja Ampat * Komodo

Map of Indonesia

Beautiful Indonesia   -- Straddling the Equator, and stretching across 3,500 miles of Pacific Ocean from East to West, Indonesia is a country of more than 17,000 islands. Many of these outposts are so remote that they support little or no human habitation. As a result, Indonesia is home to many of the world's absolutely finest diving locales, with new sites still to be discovered. Indonesia's unique location places it at the epicenter of our planet's marine biodiversity. Its waters are home to everything from great whale sharks to the world's tiniest seahorses. Because Indonesia's water temperatures are typically a bit cooler than other Pacific regions, the effects of global warming have not yet taken their toll. Indonesia's coral reefs are still rich and vibrant, and its waters home to some of the most amazing marine creatures you will ever see.

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The adventure experts of Island Dreams Travel have decades of experience arranging dive travel to Indonesia. We stand ready to assist you with everything from a price quote to a complete package. Select from these resources to begin your own Indonesia adventure:

Wakatobi Dive Resort Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi - An Island Dreams' specialty. We have more than 25 years Wakatobi experience!

Manado, Lembeh Strait, and Bunaken -- Northeast Sulawesi (superb critter diving)

Raja Ampat -- West Papua (ultimate adventure diving)

Indonesia Live-Aboard Dive Boats

Alam Jiwa Hotel, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia Bali and Ubud -- Topside Luxury, Cultural Adventure, Superior Value

Indonesia Information and Resources:

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Island Dreams will create a custom Indonesia itinerary offering you maximum diving value, plus the option of rewarding topside touring to Bali and beyond. A wide variety of diving and touring options can be customized to suit your taste, budget, and time constraints. Contact your Adventure Experts at Island Dreams Travel for complete details.