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Images from Wakatobi, Indonesia,
and the Olympus 3040 Digital Camera

After shooting film cameras underwater for 25 years, the images in this gallery are the result of my first efforts at digital u/w photography. These pictures were accomplished at Wakatobi Resort, for the most part right off the beach in front of the resort. In this effort, I was greatly aided by professional photographer James Watt, who kindly supplied access to two different housing systems; and to Fred Dion of Underwater Photo Tech who aided me in obtaining the Olympus 3040 camera. Thanks Gentlemen!

The links below will lead you to the photos. Also included is a link to my written report, an introductory primer to shooting underwater with a digital photo system. I hope you find the images and information of value. Please note that this entire Web Site, and all photos and text contained within, are copyrighted. Please do not use any of these images or text without prior written permission.

Copyright © Ken Knezick - Island Dreams

Ken's latest digital photo report is: Diving the Nikon D2x

Check out the photos below; then read Ken's: Digital Photography Report


Equipment Note: The first series of underwater images, as displayed below, were produced with the Olympus 3040 camera, contained in the simple, plastic Olympus PT-007 housing. Later in this series, you will see images produced with Light & Motion's aluminum Tetra Housing. A note below will indicate the equipment change. KDK

Change of Equipment: The following images were produced with the Olympus 3030 camera, in the Light & Motion Tetra Housing. As wide-angle was the concept, the Tetra's wide-angle port was fitted. Due to the fact that the lens on my 3040 is slightly longer than that of the 3030, my camera would not work in the 3030 housing with the wide-angle port. Thus I used Jim Watt's 3030 camera to make the following wide-angle images. Should you decide to purchase a housing, be aware of this compatibility issue.

I hope you have found this information to be of value, and the images entertaining. Here's wishing you great diving...and a world of adventure!

Best regards, Ken Knezick - President, Island Dreams Tours & Travel

Island Dreams Dive Travel

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More info: Photographer Ken Knezick is owner of Island Dreams, specializing in scuba diving travel and tours. You are invited to call or e-mail for additional information, advice, or assistance with bookings and airfares.


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