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Cayman Brac or Little Cayman
Which is Better?

Cayman Islands Report

Comparing Cayman Brac Beach Resort and Little Cayman Beach Resort
Report by Tina Robinette-Miller, Island Dreams Travel

Clients frequently ask me, "Which island is better for diving, Cayman Brac or Little Cayman? And which resort is better, Cayman Brac Beach Resort or Little Cayman Beach Resort?" On my recent visit, I intended to compare them head-to-head, but was quickly reminded that the answer isn't an easy yes or no. It's like comparing mangos to papayas. Both islands offer similar diving and marine life. Both resorts have a fun social experience centered around the bar and the dive shop. Both offer excellent food and service. So based on a recent visit, here is my overview and analysis.

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Brac Reef Beach Resort

Cayman Brac Beach Resort has a spacious new swimming pool and hot tub combination with wonderful ocean views. The bar is large with a modern, open feel and a second story area with tables and chairs where parties can spread out. Two large flat-screen TV's at either end of the bar allow guests to follow games or watch movies while enjoying their cocktails.

All lodging rooms have coffee/tea making service, ample bathroom storage, hair dryers, flat screen TV, and either a balcony or porch with table and chairs overlooking the pool and ocean beyond. Most of the rooms have a walk-in shower but a few have a bathtub/shower combination, iron with ironing board and some rooms, but not all, also have a fridge and in-room safe.

During my September visit, Cayman Brac water visibility was a little less than 100 feet, due to a recent storm in the area. We had frequent sightings of nurse sharks. lobster, banded shrimp, large grouper, turtles of various sizes, stingrays foraging in the sand for food, flamingo-tongue snails, eels of various sizes and habitats (one so tiny its head the size of my thumb), juvenile spotted drum, tarpon, lots of Christmas tree worms and a few spotted eagle rays. The wreck of the Captain Keith Tibbets, dived weather permitting, has its guns still intact and interior vessel cables are visible down the split. The ship is home to a variety of small critters in the crevices, with barracuda and other large critters hanging out nearby.

Beyond the fine diving, Cayman Brac offers biking, bird watching (more than 200 species of birds, including the endemic Cayman Parrot), spa treatments, rock climbing, rappelling, and touring the island caves and museum. Evening activities at the resort are centered around the bar with a manager's cocktails reception (free rum punch and appetizers), Bingo, trivia games, a craft market and crab races. Different activities are offered every weeknight.

Cayman Brac Beach Resort's very comfortable lodging rooms and common areas, and the inviting hammocks along the beach, make for a wonderful island holiday with great scuba diving.

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Little Cayman Beach Resort

Little Cayman Beach Resort's ambiance is different...more intimate and casual. It's so laid-back that "iguanas have the right of way." The resort is quite compact, its footprint perhaps half that of Cayman Brac Beach Resort, but felt very welcoming, like a trusted friend. The bar is decorated with hand-painted driftwood signs. The bartenders are friendly and quite talented with fun cocktails. They offer trivia, karaoke and movie nights for interested guests.

As to dining, Little Cayman Beach Resort has a larger buffet than Cayman Brac Beach Resort. Karen, the chef at Little Cayman, goes above and beyond for guests with special meal requirements.

The bar and hot tub area are small but very popular with guests, and their hammocks on the beach are perfect for an afternoon nap or just to enjoy the breeze. Bikes and kayaks are available for guest use but the roads on Little Cayman are pretty rough, so bike riding was not as enjoyable as on Cayman Brac.

The lodging rooms at Little Cayman Beach Resort offer modern decor, flat screen TV, armoire, a six-drawer dresser, in-room safe, flat screen TV, coffee/tea making set up, and a mini-fridge and hair dryer but no iron or ironing board. Bathrooms storage is sufficient with both countertop and cubby spaces. Most rooms are equipped with a walk-in shower but a few of the ocean front rooms have a bathtub/shower combination.

Little Cayman is famous for its wall diving (some sheer drops and others sloping) but you will also find swim-throughs, arches, and even a cool chimney to descend at a site called Randy's Chimney. Many of these walls being in shallow water, making for easy diving. Bloody Bay Wall is the most famous dive on Little Cayman and there we found nurse sharks, turtles, eels, large grouper (observed a territorial dispute which was fascinating), puffer fish, angel fish, ocean triggerfish, tarpon, barracuda, stingrays, yellow jawfish, garden eels aplenty, giant vase sponges, sea fans, and so much more!

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In the final analysis, both of these resorts are lovely and perfect for a Cayman Islands scuba diving getaway. Whichever you prefer, or a combination of both, call the Cayman Experts at Island Dreams and we'll help plan your dive holiday. 1-800-346-6116 or

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