Who Makes Island Dreams Come True?!?

Island Dreams Staff

We do! -- Island Dreams is a team of dive travel professionals, with more than 60 years combined dive travel experience. We work hard for the destination knowledge and travel experience required to serve you as true dive travel professionals. We'd like to get to know you better...and the following biographies are intended to help you to know more about who you are working with when you call upon Island Dreams to serve your travel needs.

Ken Knezick in Indonesia

Kenneth D. Knezick - President
A Short Biography

Ken Knezick is Founder and President of Island Dreams Travel. He has logged more than 3,500 scuba dives, virtually all over the world. Ken's decades of hard-driving travel include Truk Lagoon, Palau, the Philippine Islands, the Red Sea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Maldives, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Costa Rica, Cocos, the Galapagos Islands, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Sea of Cortez, Eastern and Western Europe, the Soviet Union, and Japan. He also has extensive experience as a divemaster in the Texas Gulf of Mexico, working as a divemaster aboard the M/V Fling and M/V Spree. A professional group dive trip leader with more than 30 years experience, Ken has conducted thousands of dives and led more than 50 dive groups to Cozumel alone.

Ken Knezick has served as Chairman of the Houston Underwater Club's SEASPACE Exposition, is past President of Houston International Diver's Club, and a founding member of the Houston Underwater Photographic Society. He has been inducted into the Scuba Schools International (SSI) Platinum Pro 5000 Society (Platinum Pro 5000) and is a recipient of the PADI Project Aware / SEASPACE Environmental Awareness Award. He has presented seminars for SEASPACE, Beneath the Sea, Our World Underwater, Ocean Expo, Scuba Show Long Beach, Boston Sea Rovers, and the Diving Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA). A graduate of Rutgers University and a member of Mensa, Ken has made Houston, Texas his home since 1977.

ADVENTURE EXPERTS - Island Dreams advertises itself as "Your Adventure Experts." We take that motto seriously, and strive to continually add to the knowledge base of our highly trained, scuba certified, adventure travel agents. As a rule, at Island Dreams, we don't represent any resort or destination that we have not first visited, experienced, and evaluated ourselves.

Island Dreams Travel...yes we know it's a tough job - but somebody's got to do it. Sure we have our fun..but it's also a lot of hard, detail-critical work...and honest, we do it all for you!! We feel that our extensive knowledge and experience is our greatest asset. Island Dreams offers airfare, lodging, diving and touring to dive and adventure destinations around the world. We know the way...because we've been there. Call Island Dreams for free brochures, accurate information, solid confirmed reservations, and the world's greatest diving!