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Bahama Banks Photo Portfolio Bahama Photo Gallery

These images are from Little Bahama Bank, located North and West of Grand Bahama Island. This is an area of sand-bottom shallows, bordering a 1,000 foot deep drop-off. Accessible via live-aboard boat from Miami, snorkel experiences with wild dolphins on the Bank may be combined with wall diving along the crest of the drop-off.

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In viewing these photos, and reminiscing on the unbridled joy of swimming with these wild dolphins, it's not hard to be reminded of what a beautiful sport we are participating in. It makes me glad I'm a diver, and an underwater photographer, and convinces me that it's time to return to the sea for another Island Dream. Here's wishing you great diving...and a world of adventure!

Best regards, Ken Knezick - President, Island Dreams Tours & Travel


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